Authoring Thoughts

and without a moments notice the muses reveal poets as a vessel to thoughts…

you become the glister among fainting stars …within the darkest of night
where lonely souls sing to know you through the softness of one gracile kiss,
as dew drops awaken inside the quietude of morning bird songs;
offering the birth of dawning thoughts to reveal even more tenderness
than the tranquility of our abandons, whispering throughout your sweetest surrender,
embracing these sating gifts of joyous revelation, as we dance with avowals bond,
spilling upon the ensouling canvas of certainty …this perfection of serenity,
breathing stillness inside the well of passion; where you caress the soul of inspiration…

POETS Daily Ink Inspiration: Perception’s Individuality   The Living Essences   Offer The Spirit Of Love    Scarlet Liliaceous Lilium The Floral Glories Of Palestine

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