Darklings Muse

into the balladry of darkness we love the haunted mood of the muses!! They are gathering under the oak tree and whispering to the moon ferals right now…so check back after you feel the chill of gallow birds

Where some thoughts know temporals permanence-
Contrition rests faithfully inside…

Poetry Visionary


Exteriority of compunctious accruing scruples-
induced from the mind’s watchful eye;
Projections embedding acumens imprint;
Are transient changes to integrities sty…

Where some thoughts know temporals permanence-
Contrition rests faithfully inside;
Where there is an element of moral absolution;
renouncing penal flogs claimed by staving pride…

An acquittal of forged vindications warrant-
lost beneath tempers scathing dejected sconce;
edged by segregations of truth silently burning;
within the tense amerce of virtues mouth…

Slain by requisitions falling hunters;
from mountainous thrones of petty knolls;
Spurred by impulsive self serving forethoughts;
Are those emotional greed’s secularity often stole…

Some savage hearts are piratically blinding;
to the rue of penitence before them brought;
peering from the sordid dark plodding corners;
where no light of love was ever sought…

Gorging like the grandiose stouts of an ego-
birthing righteous castles importuned by fate;
There are some reclusive commands silently waiting;
whom covets spires calamitous beliefs delving hate…

Convolutions of an indemnity facing laborious walls;
like the thorns of denunciation which cursedly exist;
Scouring the stable presence of arduous clarities;
with sequestrate stones mirroring the plaguing risk…

Festering within an infectious agony impeding;
harassing their own soul’s torn infarctions tire;
Exteriority tries to hide beneath altered reluctance;
traveled by scrupulous eyes of morasses mire..

In Joy, In Peace, In Grace, In Harmony of Love

Embraced ~ Embrassé

Copyright © PoetryAuthoress|Poetess Victoria L. McColley



Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 12/13/2009
Pinpointing locality of the murky marsh which resides within…endowed with a myriad of deep sorrow, sinking in mud veiled in repentance…of those who wash sin from their souls and repent in volition…self-inflicting flagellation is both admired and denied…to those of us who derive self-gratification from the sting of excitement which is all together different from the personality who thrashes their own hide in repentance for the sins committed in the lust of guilt…I prefer the former, whipping my own flesh in desirous right-doing as opposed to sinning…righteous pyramids of stout ego and replicating a need and a love for spirituality in far-away domiciles, of stone and blood, mistress…it’s deep, Eyes of Morasses Mire, as deep as this review…in any case, the mortar of those walls embedded with black wrought iron rings to chain emotions bare…with segregations of sensuality, sexual worship trumping religious worship…I know it makes sense to you… Charted Waters in the Moat of Seductive Powers,
Reviewed by Sheila Roy 8/30/2009
A great reminder that dark worlds exist. Hugs,
Reviewed by Rose Rideout 8/25/2009
It’s almost as though you take us to another land with your words Vickie. Thank you for sharing. Newfie hugs, Rose
Reviewed by J’nia Fowler 8/24/2009
My tongue got all twisted around this one, but very clever and mysterious. Hugs, J’nia
Reviewed by Felix Perry 8/24/2009
Almost rapturous and spiritually on a higher plain than reality. You nailed this one so beautifully vick..Magic.
Reviewed by Georg Mateos 8/24/2009
Dungeons of the mind, where “altered reluctance” can’t accept “self serving forethoughts” and yet, the dark in the author’s words can’t shake off a flickering flame “peering from the sordid dark plodding corners”
Exquisite! and…kudos to you.
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