The Lord’s Nectar

“Gather yea faithful children
Announce yourself to my throne
Praise inside the soul of your father’s father
Begotten by the damnations of all mankind
I falter not in my blessings to shelter you from evil
Abeyance to the land of commandments made
Your forefathers and prophets of the rising sun are cast
And your shadow a mere glimpse in the sand
…announce yourself to me”

AMEN!! Can you tell I am absorbing the Bible now?! lol, this is soooo great!! I sleep with a notebook pad of paper nearby to write early morning & nocturnal hour messages of inspiration on. I have tablets of paper everywhere now, and too everywhere I go. The above was given to me while I was laying in bed giving my morning wakeful praise prayer to the Lord. I just love this so much!!


Things Are Not What They Seem: while in the ways of the world and living ones life according to your own rules, and your own compass is a struggle of constant misfortunes. Misfortunes have many faces of course, making them unique to each persons life journey. The truest abundances are always found inside the light of the Lord and through abeyance of his sacred wisdom.

The ways of the world are always going to deceive you some how…some way! I can hardly believe how clear this all is to me now. I have heard people for all my life spreading the word of God, and I challenged them even. I discredited them. I thought they were wistful thinkers. I thought all sorts of things about “THEM”….low and behold I am there! I am one of them & let me tell you the Lord’s nectar is spilling all over me & my life. I am so elated and excited about my “New Eyes” & my “New Vision”!!!

I understand all the things I have been hearing all my life with deep meaning. I am awash in the blood of Jesus Christ. I find my life has so much value and sustenance through being in God’s Light. I am so utterly grateful to be here too. I am astonished by how awesome I feel inside too. I was washing dishes yesterday which is a chore I do not like at all. I talked to the Lord while washing dishes, and looking forward to reading the Bible afterwards and BAM I was done! The time flew by like 2 minutes! This is so awesome. Before being in God’s Light I thought reading the Bible was boring, and I only read the bible here and there in little increments, or just phrases and would close the book. I read the Bible everyday now with deep appreciations, and nurturing insights to apply to my life. This is empowering my spiritual self in such a fabulous way no words will suffice.

I never in a million years thought this would, or could happen to me!! Thank You LORD for not giving up on me, and too Thank You Thank You Thank You to all the Godly Servants out there who planted more seeds inside me!! We are growing!! You Gave Me The Greatest Gifts!! The Lord Is My Shepherd!! Nothing else matters, the seeds of Satan are nothing compared to the garden of The Lord Jesus Christ Our Heavenly Father…He is helping me weed my Garden!! I Am So Grateful To See “Living In The World” by my rules & my choices were just spawing seeds for the enemy. I delight now with change!! I Trust In The Lord’s Truth & Not That of the world.

I Jump High On The Trampoline Of God’s Love
I Bounce High On The Trampoline Of God’s Enthusiasm
I Really-Really Feel So Utterly Blessed!!
I Am Inside A Forest Of Thankfulness & Servitude!!
Thank You Jesus <3

Have A Blessed Day!! …time for me to get ready for Sunday Morning Worship

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