Being In God’s Light & Biblical Prophets

It’s Obedience That Takes Us

Past Our Prides and Concerns

~Pastor Scott

In listening to Pastor Scott Ministering us all, I am always enlightened even deeper still into the Light of GOD’s voice and command. I garnered so much from his service about prayer last week, and in establishing a relationship with God and Jesus Christ that I spend nearly all my waking hours talking out loud to him. I wake in the morning (9 days now) and first thing I do is praise his name, and give my gratefulness. I then read the Bible. This is so much better than finding stillness and just listening, and waiting in silence all the time. I feel engaged now, and more alive, and fueled with energy. Pastor Scott is so right that prayer is fun & joyous too. Remeber This:

This Isn’t About Religion!!

This is About A Relationship With Jesus Christ!!

~Pastor Scott

I have been making myself known to God, and Jesus through prayer. I am focused on my obedience in the Lord, as I want to do this in such a huge way. Some things are very simple of the commandments, like stealing, I think I have the hang of this one. Some people might think “stealing” means material items only. But in fact it does not mean just that. (for me anyway) When we are not truthful, and honest, for whatever reason, we are stealing another persons trust from them. See how complicated things can become? It’s easy to be honest and forthright. It hurts when you can’t trust someone.

I have to tell you there is such a huge difference being in God’s Light over being in my own choices. Everyday I am seeing how much I need God, have always needed God in my life, and that all my wanting in life, all my sorrows, all my behaviors of being his unruly child has been because of my drifting away from him, when in fact I need him. I never knew the clarity of this till the other day!! WOW!! I have been asking for guidance, and clarity, and the Lord is giving this to me.

I feel so awesome reading the bible too now, and spending time in God’s word these past 9 days. There is a huge difference in my world now, I really do feel like I am winning little mini lottery tickets. I spent in all morning/day/evening total a good 5 hours reading the bible yesterday!! I learned that some of the Biblical Prohepts did bizzare things like walk around town for 3 years naked-lol

I have also realized too that all these doors that are opening for me, for the most part, have always been there waiting on me. The reason I could not see most of them was because of the work of the enemy playing his role of evility’s camouflage, and trickery. It’s hard to fight the battle alone without the armaments of God. I am so grateful…so utterly grateful…

I am listening to my Holy Spirit every single moment, and also being obedient in what I hear, even if it seems strange to me. Even if I don’t want to do it, I do it. I am used to doing everything my way, and not allowing God to work through me, for me. He is rearranging my life too. He has started working on my life circle. I am shocked by the recent happenings, but I am very very very grateful he showed me who he wanted plucked from my life garden. He told me just that morning “the seeds of Satan have two faces”

Humph I thought, I know this…I wrote it all down on my morning tablet and went about my day. Whoa!!!! I won’t go into the horrible details, but God showed me the very next couple days. I was blown away by the shocking situation. I am not sorry either, I am very grateful to know who was being harmful to my journey as a two faced seed of Satan. I too always say: Hurt me with the truth, rather than destroy me with a lie…God Is Truth…I am so grateful to be in his light. You know too,  several weeks ago Pastor Scott ministered on people in our lives that are not good for us…wow…I feel so blessed.

Oh!!! I almost forgot Pastor Scott is right again! When you exclaim your love for Jesus Christ, and the whole rodeo of God, and his sacred scripture, being in the word of God‘s wisdom that people will come against you, turn from you, begin ridiculing you, hating you, patronizing you and so much more. Which is all the work of the enemy!! It’s happening to me, BUT I feel awesome to the challenge. I feel really good even though I am being ridiculed by someone I don’t even know, it‘s crazy!! I actually feel some sort of pity for that person who is so hateful to me, but not to much casue the burden is on their heart, and not mine. I probably shouldn’t be laughing at this situation either with this stranger, but I find it a bit amusing some of the things they said. She went so far as to call me insane-lol  Oddly too, I was even ridiculed by someone I have known since 1990!! I was very baffled by that. Oh Well, that’s the way of the world, besides God & Jesus is the best company anyway & those of like minds!! J

Well I suppose God will show me too, how to feel in this kind of situation, and how to respond. I realize it’s so easy for some people to be mean. It would be very easy for me to unleash my sarcastic tongue on them, (I was living in the Rules Of The World for a while you know…) but instead I opted for cool calm & collected….ahhhh we shall see…Pleasing God Is What I Am Seeking. I feel like I have New Eyes & New Vision!! Thank You Lord!! Thank You God!! Thank You Jesus, and Thank You Pastor Scott!!

May The Light Of The Lord Shine On You In All Your Choices Today…

Everyday…In Everyway…

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