An Abundance: Prayer Has Purpose and Prayer Has Joy!!

“Prayer Establishes Truth In Our Lives…” ~Pastor Scott

The Purpose Of Prayer:
Today’s service was such a beautiful blessing!! Do you like to read church signs? I always have for as long as I could read them, and while pulling into our church parking lot, our sign said:

“The Joy Of Prayer”

Our Pastor is such a beautiful soul. I could listen to his biblical guidance everyday. He is such a beautiful blessing to so very many people. Today he gave ministering to praying, and how this enables us a deeper relationship with God, and Jesus Christ. To also renew our strength and faith. We pray to receive the power and strength of God, and to stir our faith so that we can walk in faith. Looks like I been doing my prayer time all wrong.

Every morning/evening, before I get out of bed & when I get back into bed (and midday), I place my hands in a palm to palm temple, I then find quietude and stillness, and I listen. Aside from listening I will share my gratefulness, my thankfulness, my appreciations, and too my tears. As for asking for things, I have asked God & Jesus only a few things in my life time. The first thing I asked for as a teenager was forgiveness and to save me. I asked if God & Jesus would come inside my heart, and stay there forever, and never leave me.

Then I asked the same thing again with a much deeper penance in 1998. I then asked for help to quit smoking cigarettes back in 2006. I asked the Lord this: “I know this is probably not a good request, but Lord could you please find time to help me quite smoking these cigarettes? I have been trying, and I keep failing. I really need you.” (I asked from October 2006 into November 2006)

In the next several weeks I developed a backache. Then on December 9th, 2006 he answered my prayer and gave me a lethal case of bacterial pneumonia…WOW!! I suffered allot, but I deserved to suffer for putting all that cigarette poison into my body. The very body I know is a Holy Temple belonging to God. I now praise God with gratefulness in this blessing! I am still smoke free, and best of all I have no desire to go back to those ole ways. I still tell the Lord & everyone in my life circle how grateful I am to be smoke free. I would love for the whole world to be smoke free…

Which brings me back to the prayers. I am going to change how I pray as of today, Thanks to Pastor Scott. I am going to engage in conversation with My Heavenly Father God & Jesus Christ Our Lord instead of always listening. I hear things all the time, so I might as well join in the conversation!! Like this phrase that woke me up around 2:30 a/m: “Descrier of Light & The Sacred Tabernacle” hummmm that sure sounds interesting to me!! All I know to do with it though is to write poetry, and I am not sure if that is what I am supposed to do. I also always say “my muses” when if fact this has always been the Holy Spirit whispering to me. And too no doubt seeds of Satan whisper too, and I am drowning that all out in my attaining more and more spiritual armament.

So back to the point of the praying, while listening to Pastor Scott ministering everyone about “The Joy of Praying” I realize I need guidance. I have been running a muck, and though I asked repeatedly to be saved, I still run amuck without direction. Until today I had felt I shouldn’t ask for anything more than I have been given, since I was so blessed & utterly grateful to have him answer my prayer to quit smoking back in 2006. But I have this all wrong.

We all are suppose to ask for what we want, or what we need. (and keeping in mind what we think we need and want may not be what God Knows We Need or Want or has in store for us) I will still be listening…but I am now going to engage in allot more of the conversations!! I am going to cultivate my relationship with God & Christ, and too prioritize God in my life. I am so glad he waited for me.

Also the other morning a foreign word woke me up: Zedih …I have no idea what I am supposed to do with this, so I will ask what I am supposed to do. Is this even a language? I don’t even have any meaning to place with it. But that is God’s voice and vision as I seen the word plain as day, as well as hearing it loud and clear.

Remember This:
 “Prayer Establishes Truth In Our Lives…”
~Pastor Scott

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