Yehoshua the Galilean Prophet

so mighty…your empyreal beauty
elegant & delicately infusing,
perfuming into the soul of love,
your essence lingers upon me,
as glorious hymnals sacred and true,
reaching along the edge of dawn,
rising upon the godly vines of truth,
a beauteous eclipse…

whispering into the eventide of tomorrow’s jewels,
this glorious bounty through you,
announcing your beatitudes of holy stillness,
anointing me into your salvational rescue,
penetrates deeply within the chambers of my heart,
ensouling  upon me your veils of truthful wisdom…

into the descrying vault of heaven I reach,
embracing this aurora of your sacred divinity,
opening within my embodied spirit,
as delicate liliaceous star petals,
knelling to praise glory upon your name…

I raise my hands,
worshiping the abundance of your heavenly love,
gently embracing me to ascend into the garden bed of dreams,
where all my sorrows are replaced with your forgiving tenderness…

You are the sublime Holy Spirit,
The healer of all wounds of sorrow
Redeemer of all sin
You the Prince of Peace,
Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ,
King Of Kings,
Jehovah of Salvation!!

I Love You…

© Poetry Devotionals Victoria L. McColley

3D Jesus Christ

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