Holy Baptism: The Door of the Spiritual Life

“Within the very love of you
dearest Lord and Savior
King of Kings 
surrounding us with the divinity of your sacred purity
inside the warmth of your endless joy , We feel complete
and parted from these earthen desolations of our past.

You are the balm to heal all our spiritual wounds…”

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded by angels, by Giaquinto, 1750s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t really feel parted from my past, but I want to! I have always wanted too. I find it interesting that sin has so many varied levels of emotional consequences attached to it, and too the consequence emotionally is very different for each of us. I can think of some things I have done that I am sorry for, and then other things that I have done that are none the less a sin, that I don’t feel sorry for. It’s confusing isn’t it?

Getting Baptized is to cleanse us from the sins of Adam & Eve, and too, from our own. I look forward to this too. I wanted to be Baptized back in 1972-73 but the Pastor at the church told me I needed my Mother’s permission, and she did not want me to. Some people are frightened by things they do not understand I think, as I recall her giving mention to evil rituals ect.

I pranced all over town going to all the churches back then. I would walk to and from them every Sunday weather permitting. I loved to hear the Bible stories and color the pictures, and then the after service treats. I wasn’t like the other children however. I wore old clothes that were not clean as they should have been, and my pantyhose always had runs in them. I would wear them backwards so the runs would not be seen. But of course they were seen. I saved all the pennies, nickles, and sometimes dimes I would find walking from my Grandmothers house. She would give me change to give to the plate offering.

Anyway here it is 2012 and finally a lifetime later I will be cleansing myself of past sin which will bring me into the doors of my spiritual life. I might get some of this all wrong since I am not educated in it all, but this is my understanding. I want to be closer to my Spiritual Father our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. I want to feel purified inside my heart. So many ugly things have happened to me in my life time that I would love for it all to get cleansed from me. I announce myself as a sinner, and I know right from wrong, and I want to be empowered into the Holy Spirit. Such a beautiful gift to embrace…

I feel this will help and aide me into my own empowerment to be obedient in the laws of God. To be a better person all around. Not that I am a horrible person, by no means, but to be top shelf with God!! This is what I have always wanted, so I am so grateful that I am finally reaching for what I have always wanted.

I am so excited too, I have a new bible I wish to purchase, as the one I have is so archaic and I get muddled in the translations. But nonetheless the visors of wisdom are still awesome, I am looking for something already translated for me. Life is short you know.

English: John the Baptist baptizing Christ

English: John the Baptist baptizing Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s going to be so beautiful to feel closer to God & Jesus, and to have remission of all sin, and too all punishment due for the sin.  You know what I mean too, some sin carrys deeply within our hearts a heavy burden, at least for me. I have some sin that doesn’t phase me at all too though. I guess I was forgiven is why. I make mistakes like anyone else & the best thing about those mistakes or sins is that I never repeat them…well except for the sin of being sarcastic to mean people…but I am working on it, all those other sins are a piece of cake to resist! Thank You Jesus!! & Amen to that!! I just know some mean asphalt person is gonna read this and test me! lol I got it though!! I really do…yunk yunk yunk…

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