Baptismal Preparations


Your heart whispered within quietude,
subtle emotions upon slumbering dreams.
Succumbing to eternality’s presence,
I lay motionless within my own restful stillness.
Searching the endless shores of your love;
This offering of completion’s beauty approaches me;
An auroral glory of new hope emanating
upon the infinite tide of promising shorelines…

I feel rested within this newfound elevation;
Empowered to expressions surf and tides;
Drifting further into your semblance of affinity;
I inhale the absolving essence of your purifications…

Your gentleness caressing my thoughts with love,
I see sand hill cranes flying by my untouched memories;
Roving the ethereal heavens with sea gulls at bayside…

Calling to the core of my soul this credence;
I look over my bare shoulder at wisdom’s gifts.
And it is then that I see your beauty coloring my world.
Each colorant hue an empyrean delicacy from grace;
Exploring me with the aura of your divine purity;
The buoyant waters caress in my footsteps lain…

With delectations of harmony and tranquil peace,
I then gingerly kneel, submersed; to catch some starfish.
As I embrace the nearness of your eminent strength,
I open my surrendering arms to behold this perfect moment.
These deep waters cleansing through your beatific soul…

Then I looked silently once more; into the stillness of myself.
And thoughts rise about the paths we all must pave.
Was it I that made footprints to your sanctitude?
Or did you dive into the sea of me?
Who came to whose impassionate dream?
Was freedom really surrounding the gates of my soul?

I then felt weightless within this luxuriant emotional bounty,
as I swim inside your treasuring ocean filled by sapphire’s jewels.
Your calming reef of love’s expression saturating my heart
with soothing balms; rinses into all my wounds,
and I feel purified…

Baptism of Christ. Jesus is baptized in the Jo...

Baptism of Christ. Jesus is baptized in the Jordan River by John. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My soul is now forever cleansed upon the timelessness
of your beautiful ample soul,
and I wake this morning…to wonder…was it really just a dream…


✞ ✞ ✞ ✞

I wrote this poem back in 2009, and today I understand the depth of this poem more than ever. I have a friend who says to me often that Jesus is speaking to me, or through me in so much of  my poetry. I thought for the longest time she is just this beautiful soul who is just being polite. But this poem really hits home in the sense of being moved by the Holy Spirit. Today’s service was beautiful as always. The moment Pastor mentioned Baptisms my spirit jumped.

I want to pour all of myself into Christ. I want to feel my heart purified. I want to be able to resits temptations. I want to grasp all of this beautiful bounty that is before me. I am so humbled every time I hear someone speaking of their life, and the connection I feel to them knowing their emotional essence.

So the first thing my spirit tells me is: Baptismal Preparations…ummmm? what am I supposed to do to prepare? I have to change some things in my life, I am not sure what all the changes are going to be, or supposed to be, but I think I am supposed to stay away from writing sensually erotic, and lustful poetics. No problem, since sensual expressions don’t interest me as much as all the other genres I write in, but poetry devotionals really interest me. Who would have ever thunk that!? I want to make people feel uplifted, not erotically aroused-or in a minor few sensitive cases some people feel shocked. And too I do NOT want anymore situations with cyber trolling camaraderies who get infatuated, or feeling other targeted emotions that are not of positive energy.

I cannot control how others react, but I can control what I contribute in throes of poetry.  Besides, I like the whole being moved by poetry, as I am moved too by Poets I read, but I want it to be constructive and not make them want to be deviate, or worse work for the enemy with negative energy. Well we shall see now won’t we…yes we shall

I want to feel my heart purified completely. I want to bathe in the love of Jesus Christ, and learn how to constructively share all these gifts of muse, so long as I am supposed to anyway.  I want to be held ransom by God (that is in one of those songs we sing) I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how Pastor Scott said:

“This isn’t about Religion!!

This is about a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus!!”

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