Mary Magdalene Sang

For everything that is
And everything that was
The eidolon of truth appears..

Jebel Ez Zeitun

…Mount of Olives
I sing to know your truths
These hymnals of faithful praise
Under the sacred blessings of your branches
Adorning cloaks left inside the tomb

As the Mount of The Summit whispers to morn
With the saplings of the last supper you shown
To the fruits of Jerusalem, the voices of nightfall still sing
Never fading upon the orchard of the sloping gardens

Plucking ripe olives where Mary Magdalene sang
We worship your sacred presence every living day
And too your footprints carved in the minstrels of sand
Unto the devotional savior of you, our king of kings
Messiah to the descrying heavenly hands

Jesus Christ lives into this day for all mankind
Speaking still before the betrayals of Judas’ tongue
Over the spilling of wine and promises made

So precious the few and sacred
into the vintage of sacristy’s scripture
upon his own knees for us to know
Jesus kneeled in silent prayer…
for you and me …for all mankind

© Devotional Poetry by: Victoria L. McColley

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