Pinnacles Leading to The Vault of Heaven (spiritual soaking)

On June 21st, 2012 I attended my very 1st Spiritual Soaking In His Presence. It is so utterly humbling to be around such beautiful people, with the kindness of real love & spiritual devotions. When I first arrived at the church I was instantly excited as I seen many colors of sheer silk shawl like cloths & veils! The very stuff I have written about over & over & over again! Also for the past few months my spirit has been telling me to buy some silk from the fabric store for my home meditations. I thought what am I supposed to do with it? Wear it as a head turban? A toga? My neighbor will surely think I have gone mad :)

Anyway…I just knew this has all been leading up to this, last year I sought out a spiritual mentor but I never made it to her house for some reason. So….I happen to reach for one of the shawl veil/ body wraps and it was a beautiful red one. I had no idea each color has symbolic meaning. Red=The Blood of Jesus Christ. I went to the alter barefoot and sat down at the steps placing the blessed & anointed fabric over my whole body like a tent, and I sat there releasing myself into a meditative state from & out of my being.

I have never felt such a beautiful place of surrender as I did with this soaking. I garnered some phrases from the experience which are: Be A River-Christ Eyes-Messenger ….I will bring a note pad next time to jot everything down as I am way to forgetful. The beauty of this experience is very hard to describe, but below is a poetic expression of how I felt adrift into God’s ocean or sea. I was all alone with an endlessness of infinitude. The most beautiful and glorious vacancy I have ever experienced. I felt like a beacon of light was bing bonging like a ping pong inside me-it was so utterly AWESOME!!! I felt like a lighthouse, a floating bell tower, I can hardly wait to do this again…

glorious are the apex to divine resolution

I felt as though I became a living vessel docked in his firmament…

Vault Of Heaven

Into the surrendering of absolution
I abandoned my earthen thoughts
Conceding into the presence of our Lord God
Awaiting to relinquish into his worthy yields
I wept within spacious silence and quietude
Offering my soul to listen with credence

And it is here I became closer to a sacred stillness
My earthly mind and emotions leaving me vacant
I quiescently transcended into God’s mooring ocean
Released into a restful beauty of peaceful tranquility

I never felt this celestial impartment before
Spilling openly into his bounty with complete emptiness
As if my body became an elevation of a spiritual beacon
I felt his inexpressible presence tinkering inside me
As if I was a living bouy swaying with gentle winds

I no longer felt the sphere of my physical body
I felt as though I became a living vessel docked in his firmament
As if I was adrift within a glorious empyrean respite void
As my weightlessness continued submerging my soul deeper
I realized I was elevated inside the sacristy of his presence
The tongues and pinnacles leading to the vault of heaven
…body, mind & soul…

© Poetry Devotional by: Victoria L. McColley

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